Mi3rdeye is the way I see and capture the inner beauty of my subjects. My objective is to connect to the Beautiful Essence capturing it for display. 
Photography is very soulful for me! I focus my energy out of a deep appreciation for distinguished characteristics and personalities. By embracing my subjects at the core it allows those who view my work to see what I'm so blessed to see.
I place no limits on what I will photograph, I photograph whatever moves me, allowing the flow of energy to be uninterrupted. 
For nearly 20 years I have been capturing images, with the camera being my "third eye".
While shooting professionally I remain an enthusiastic student of the art and I am constantly studying to improve my photographic methods and technical knowledge . 
What set me apart is my Passion Spiritual eye and Love for the Beauty that exist in all of Gods Magnanimous Creation.
"Mi3rdeye Photography is more than photography it's an Experience!"
Michael Muhammad ph# 319-493-0116 email: 3rdeyephoto@gmail.com

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